A modular and easy-to-use opensource bot maker to build chatbots and vocal assistants

Billions of people are using messaging platforms and vocal assistants every day to perform simple task, getting helps, stay informed, everywhere, anytime.

We created an easy-to-use bot maker, for everyone to start building tomorrow's virtual assistants, by text or by voice.
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Easy to use

Create chatbots and vocal apps in just a few clicks.
Our easy-to-use UI helps you keep conversation design and coding separated.

Modular and multichannel

Easily connect to Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Google Home, WeChat, Amazon Alexa...
And connect to your company APIs or any third-party services to build multichannel and powerful virtual assistants.

Open source and secure

We use state-of-the art open-source technologies and follow the best practices of Microsoft, Facebook and IBM.
Critical data are encrypted and secured.

Easy-to-use for both conversation designers and developers

As a conversation designer, you can easily build your conversation, write and modify your texts, test and adapt user experience with our easy-to-use visual interface.
As a developer, you will be able to develop business specific layers, connect to APIs and build your service.

Modular & multi-channel

Create a chatbot that connects to your assets and APIs and to external services.
Seamlessly deliver your chatbot on different text channels (Messenger, Skype, Web...) and voice channels (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa...).

State-of-the-art technology

Our bot maker is based on open-source technologies from reliable vendors, while also implementing state-of-the-art technologies such as the Microsoft Bot Maker or a Docker image for reliability and security.
Stay independent by controlling end-to-end delivery of your chatbot.

Forever free!

We created this bot maker to help companies create the best chatbot experiences. We are commited to keep the bot maker open source to foster innovation.


We can help you create the best experience

With several years of experience and dedicated teams, and by using a proven methodology, we can create with you, the right virtual assistant for your company and clients.
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VISEO: fostering useful innovation

Specializing in digital experiences, new technologies, business processes and data, VISEO is the ideal partner for your company’s transformation projects. VISEO works to simulate new ideas, new offers, new ways of collaborating and new methods for producing or selling.

VISEO has experienced a continued growth since its inception in 1999 recording 1300 team members working on five continents and 130 million euros in revenue in 2016.

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